Friday, November 1, 2013

The end...or the beginning? Most probably the middle

So it's end of October and so I guess that means that I fail. As I write this I am 100% done with the Spears and the Archers (except for basing) but am only about 80% through the Silver Helms and haven't started on the characters yet. I'll be honest I'm quite happy with my achievement thus far, and personally I've always been aiming for World Series rather than October as such, and to be honest I'm confident I'll still get there. I've learnt a lot over this month and it has definitely given me some confidence on how much I can get done if I set my mind and calendar to it.

I have to admit I am disappointed with the quality of work I've done thus far. I'm really pleased with my archers and reasonably satisfied with my spears but must admit I'm pretty disappointed with my Silver Helms. They just don't seem to be coming together for me. I'm not very good about knowing where to place the highlights and have to admit the lack of clear definition between areas on the models has made it really hard for me to create a neat and clean finish on the minis. Hopefully once I finish the steeds and add the details such as rubies they will look a little better, but no matter how many layers etc I do on the metallics they just seem to come up uneven and messy. Ah well I'll keep going doing the best I can. So I've got a couple weeks to go and hopefully when you are at World Series you can all judge for yourself.

Of course I'm going to keep posting as often as I can.


  1. They're looking fine. A lot of paintjobs really don't come together until they have been highlighted. I wouldn't worry until you've completed one fully - then see if you like it.

    Oh, and achieving painting targets is so last season...

  2. Yeah, even I slowed down this year. 1500 points? I didn't even finish that in time. Last year I nearly doubled it...