Saturday, June 28, 2014

Welcome the Dark Side!

So I've finally gotten around to posting again at the request of my many fans (I'm looking at you Hobby Fiend!) As many who listen to the Dwellers Below would know, I have started my Dark Elf army in preparation for Castle Assault in November. I originally wanted to keep it a secret in order to build excitement for the reveal, however I have since come to realise that nobody really gives a shit so I'll hopefully be posted my progress on here regularly.
As things stand I have assembled and started the basing on 5 Cold One Knights, 21 Executioners, 30 Witch Elves and 10 Corsairs and 5 Warlocks. I've also painted a few models from each unit. I lost a lot of momentum around May and so things really slowed down, I was also changing my style by only assembling and painting a few models at a time. I have since realised that this is a stupid idea, as I would finish painting a few models and then would need to spend a long time putting stuff together again. Consequently I've decided to assemble everything I have for a couple of reasons; 1 I can still paint a couple models from each unit to keep me fresh, and 2 I can actually start to get a few practice games in before October.
So I guess a Blog Post isn't a Blog Post without any pictures what I've included here are the pictures of my Supreme Sorceress. She demonstrates what will be my colour scheme for the whole army, Yellow/Bone for the weapon hilts etc, Purple as the main colour and Hawk Turquoise as the "Spot" or "detail" colour.  As always, feedback is appreciated.

It is my goal to update at least fortnightly with my progress!