Monday, November 11, 2013

Here comes the Cavalry!

Just a quick update! World Series is fast approaching and after spending the day battling Bali belly I'm happy to say that my first 4 Silver helms are done, with only the horses to go on the next 4! As u read last time I wasn't too happy with how they were coming together, but I have to say, true to the wisdom of the Hobby Fiend now that they are done they do look better than expected. I still think individually they aren't my best work, but combined in the unit the colours are really striking and the WL heads really add another dimension.

In other news I'm not sure I'll get the prince and BSB done by Saturday as I really don't want to rush them, but I'll definitely keep posting updates on them and they'll also be able to be seen on the tourney scene next year.


  1. I look forward to seeing them in the flesh. It's hard to tell if they would really benefit from a stronger highlight.

  2. It's good seeing classic Chrace colours. Very clean work, but is that just base coats?

  3. I figured I would nominate you for a Liebster award in the hope that it might prod you into some form of blog activity. Worth a try, right?