Thursday, July 10, 2014


So I've spent the last couple of weeks testing things on the painting front just to get a feel for what I like in terms of colours and whether the images in my head actually looks as good as I thought when done for real. As the Hobby Fiend can attest I have a vivid and twisted imagination, so it's always good to have a go on one model before committing to a whole unit.

The first unit that I've been working on is my Witch Elves. I think these are great models and were a lot of fun to paint. As you can see I've tried to continue the same scheme that I used for the sorceress. I've gone with the Bone/Yellow for the majority of the metallics with Purple as the main colour and Turquoise as the spot colour. I had a really hard time
trying to work out where the Turquoise would sit on the models, however I think it works well, but it does tend to mean that the purple is very hard to notice, particularly from the front.

These girls are about 90% done as I haven't put a wash through their hair after the clean up. One thing I am wondering is what are people's formulas for shading and highlighting black? At this stage any flat areas I've left the undercoat, however it seems I should do more. For the hair I've just gone with Adeptus Battle Grey and then washed it with Badab Black.

I'm also considering going an extra lighter highlight on the skin as these Witches look like they're spent some time in the solarium, which I'm don't mind so much, I would love to hear people's opinion though.

I've also been working on my Executioners (well one at least) and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I painted him, (I think an 90mins or so) but then I realised how little there is to paint on him with multiple layers. Anyway it gives me hope that this is a unit that I'll be able to get done pretty quickly which is always nice. I think these models are great and will look fantastic once they're finished and ranked up together. I've also managed to put together a unit filler, because I have 20 from 2 boxes and need 21 for my list so I didn't want to fork out $70 for the sake of one model. Anyway when it's done I'll post that too.

So continuing on the theme for the whole army I've tried for a main colour of Purple with Bone replacing most of the metallics and Turquoise as the highlight colour. I should mention that all the metallics I'm doing in the army are simply Chainmail with a Black wash.

Anyway that's it for me, as always feedback is appreciated and I look forward to seeing you guys at Convic!

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  1. There are a couple ways to do black, and each gives a slightly different effect.
    First thing: Don't basecoat with black. You basecoat with a very dark color, slightly off-black. Few things in reality are actually black--they generally are just a very dark version of another color.

    Depending on what you want to do, you can mix with blue, brown, or grey (or really any color, but brown, blue, and grey tend to be the most common and the most natural). Mix with black to get a color that is very close but not quite black. Then wash with black to get the shades. For highlighting, mix a little more of blue/brown/grey into your paint and highlight.

    Since you are doing hair, to get a realistic hair effect, consider where the light is hitting your model. Hair, because of skin oil, has a natural sheen to it, and places where the light hit it is very bright. To get this effect, add a bit of white to your mix and touch the parts on your model closest to where you want the light to be hitting your model. Google images of hair to see what I mean.

    For you, I would do grey, or maybe even try a really really dark turquoise to bring it together with other parts of the model.