Monday, October 14, 2013

Slow and steady...

Come at me bro/Dark Elves

So FINALLY I have finished my 15 Archers!!!!! Well...99.67% of the way. I still need to do bases and put the Transfer on the banner, but I'm doing that for the whole force at once.

I have to admit they took A LOT longer than I expected. I think there were a couple of factors that contributed to this;
1. Primarily I underestimated how much work they actually needed. I made a commitment to myself before taking this challenge that I wanted these models (the whole 1000) to be the best I'd produced yet, as such I modelled a lot more details on than I normally would and decided that I would paint all of the details. This is something I often don't do to save time and also because previously I didn't have the confidence in my ability to pick out details etc without ruining other parts of the mini that I'd already completed.
2. I lost a lot of time through work, bad news, and unexpected visits. I think overall I would've lost at least a week's worth of painting hours.

Overall however I'm really happy with how they turned out, and have definitely think they are amongst the best units I've produced, and certainly are the best Archers I have.

I decided not to go the extra highlight of Red just yet as I liked the contrast at the moment. That may change as the I complete more units. So I guess the next step is to start on the Spears. As I've said before I think these guys will be a lot quicker as 87.65% of the model is covered in armour which I've sprayed and washed already, so hopefully a week from now they're done too.

Now for my closeups!

I became a little attached to this guy, ended up being my favourite


  1. At last. Some one else who bases things last. We shall form a mighty alliance against Greg the Hooded one and his insistence on finished bases!

    1. If they're not ready to go on a table, they're not finished. This is not rocket science, even for a hippo.

      They look good. I see the eyes are white - are you going to give them pupils?

  2. Ah, but i deem basing to be a seperate thing to painting. There fore, something may be fully painted, but not based. It is obviously not completed, but it is completely painted.